About SJDR

Sudan Journal of Development Studies: a semi-annual scientific journal concerned with publishing theoretical and applied research and studies in the fields of development and related issues. It is published by the Economic and Social Research Bureau; To contribute to serving the academic and research field in Sudan, and it may be issued in special or collected issues on different dates. The journal and its summaries are published in Arabic and English.


Our Objectives

Publishing social and applied research and studies that highlight the role of specialists in keeping pace with development and developments related to general development issues, in particular economic and social

Providing the opportunity for specialists to contribute to the dissemination and deepening of science and knowledge in order to lay the foundations of scientific thought based on the principle of analysis and dialogue at the local and international levels

Discrimination in publishing scientific research in the fields of development, economics, sociology, administration, statistics and population.

serve  as knowledge sharing platform in accordance with international quality standards in the of scientific knowledge sharing.

Supporting scientific research by providing sources of scientific and socitical data for academic research and contributing to the knowledge production.

Creating reciprocal agreements in the scientific and training fields and exchanging various information vessels with other scientific institutions and local, regional and international research centers.

Enhancing the capabilities of the researcher and providing them with intellectual and professional skills in scientific research through monitoring and following up scientific research


Publishing research and studies to contribute to addressing contemporary and emerging economic, social and development issues in society that deal with all seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

contribute to changing the real world by providing demonstrable solutions to the challenges of development and sustainability, in addition to concrete suggestions for practical development plans implementation.